Sunday, 14 February 2016

Schoolhouse Tunic

I remember reading about the Schoolhouse Tunic YEARS ago, but it didn't strike my fancy at the time.  For some reason, it popped into my mind a few weeks ago and I became obsessed with getting the pattern and sewing it.  I love my first one which is my wearable muslin.

 I made come changes:
-I added interfacing to the neck/bodice facing.  That wasn't in the directions, but it seemed necessary. -I lengthened the sleeve to give it a full length sleeve.  My personal message to pattern designers?  Enough with the 3/4 sleeves.
-I eliminated the top stitching around the front of the bodice and collar.  This fabric has such a clean, modern look to it and I thought the top stitching would mess it up.

Overall, I think this a great pattern.  It was easy to understand the directions and it didn't take too long to sew.

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