Monday, 30 September 2013

Texture - Denim, Linen, and Lace

 I almost didn't complete an outfit this week.  Work has been intense.  Sam has been pretty intense too.  One thing I tried to do for sewing along with Project Run and Play was to use different textures.  I used very little basic quilting cotton (really just week one) and I worked to branch out a little.  This week I used stretch denim for Maya's wide leg pink pants- my serger handled it well!.  Her top is embroidered white linen.  It has a raglan-style sleeve edged with lace.  I added lace to the bottom as well.  I made a wide neck that I gathered with dark pink elastic with a tiny lace edge to it.  Maya looks very sweet in it.  My signature style?  I like to make comfortable pieces from fun fabrics.  I like simple details. And, as I found out these past few weeks, I really like trying different types of fabric.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Plaid Week

 I was very excited to learn that one of the themes for PRP this season is plaid.  This heavy flannel plaid caught my eye over the summer but I needed a good reason (and a good coupon) to buy some.  Luckily I got both!  I don't know the exact term for it but this is a plaid in which the plaid in woven into the fabric, not printed on top.  It makes a nice, heavier weight flannel.  The top is the Geranium Dress shortened to a top length.  I added a bow in the front.  The buttons in the back are cute little purple flowers.  I made the sleeveless version to be worn as a layering piece in the fall and winter (since the fabric is too heavy for summer)

The pants are the Parsley Pants pattern.  I made the flat front with pouch pockets.  The fabric is a bottom weight twill and I broke a needle trying to sew through the elastic, pockets, and the waistband.  I was using a needle for heavy weight fabric.  Any tips on that??  They came out great though  - roomy and comfortable.  
 They are a little dusty because Hannah decided to roll around on the floor before we took pictures.

Monday, 16 September 2013


The theme for Project Run and Play this week is Candy Inspired so here is my project:
This fabric reminds me of a gum ball machine full of brightly colored spheres.  Gum balls always catch my eye because they just look so bright and cheerful but when I actually think about what is in them, I cringe. Luckily this fabric doesn't make me cringe and the dress makes me smile.  As soon as I finished it, Maya put it on and deemed it her new favorite.  She even wore it for her first day of kindergarten.

The fabric is and interlock knit I had in my stash.  The pattern is a slim cut peasant style with a ruffle at the bottom and a sash/belt in a coordinating jersey knit fabric.  I upcycled the fabric for the belt from a dress of mine which was way too short and low cut to be appropriate for me.  The belt is stiched tot he dress at the side seams so it doesn't shift around.

I broke out the double needle for the hems on the ruffle and the sleeves.
Maya likes to end every photo session with a twirl shot.

Monday, 9 September 2013

High-low Popover with Pockets and Elastic

I wasn't planning to sew along with Project Run and Play.  The timing was just wrong for me.  The project weeks are right at the start of school (I am a teacher) and a lot of the prep would need to be done  at the end of August when I have minimal services available for my developmentally disabled son.  Then I saw three things that made me change my mind.  1st - only 4 weeks long this time!  There will be fewer projects to ooh and ah over but it makes it easier for people like me to sew along on our own.  2nd- plaid week!  I have had my eye on some really nice plaid and that gave me an excuse to buy some. 3rd - The Popover Dress Remix!  I love this pattern.  It is one of the first dresses I made when I got into sewing for my kids.  It is a wonderful pattern for a simple, comfortable sundress. 

I know everyone approaches a remix differently.  Some prefer to just be inspired by the pattern and take off from there.  I prefer to start with the physical pattern and make changes to customize and give it my own touches.  I made two Popover Dresses for this week.  

This first one has a high-low hem (higher in front and longer in back), Regular straps (no ties), a ruffle on the bottom, on-seam pockets, and elastic across the top.  The elastic was needed for my girls because with the original pattern the straps slip down a lot.  See the first picture - that is a popover dress I made earlier this summer.  

Original Popover                                                                                 Remixed Popover

 High-Low Hem

 On-seam pockets and elastic casing 

 Elastic holds the straps on the shoulders.  The elastic also adds stress points to the garment though so I added extra stitches to reinforce this area.

Here is the second dress I made.  She didn't want pockets and instead of a ruffle she has tiny purple lace trim along the bottom.