Monday, 24 December 2012

Still Here

It is hard to find sewing time now that work/school is in full swing but I have managed a few things.  I decided I wanted to make Maya a flannel nightgown and after looking at patterns I decided I liked a vintage Simplicity pattern (pattern 9095 if you are interested).  I found the size 4 pretty generous (although my 4 year old is on the small size).  She LOVES it and so I ordered more beautiful flannel from on sale.  Joann's also has flannel on sale right now as well although it is not as good quality as the designer stuff I got at jimmybeans. 

I also decided to make Maya a Christmas shirt.  I used an Oliver and S pattern (family reunion dress which has a blouse option) and just gave it long sleeves and an elastic cuff).  I love this fabric but Maya won't wear it.  Seriously, she will. not. wear. it.  When I say this girl loves pink, I mean she really loves pink and this shirt is not pink enough.  I don't know where she comes from!  Luckily, Hannah likes it and at the rate she is growing it will fit her next year.