Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sewing for Fall

I found bottom weight knit fabric on sale at Joann's and I made some the pink and purple leggings for the girls.  The polka dot fabric was leftover from a skirt I made myself a while ago. There are two pairs of doll pants in the pile there:

I also got this cute Michael Miller fabric and made another Charlie Tunic for Hannah.  It looks a little clown-like to me but it is for a 2 year old so I am not that worried!  Maya thought it was cute so I made a skirt with piece I had leftover:

I made this flannel nightgown for Hannah from a vintage pattern.  Right after I cut the fabric I lost the directions and I had to figure out on my own.  It is basically a modified peasant dress but instead of elastic there is an opening in the front and a ribbon tie through the neck.  The original pattern looked like a strangulation hazard so I gathered the neck and stitched down the ribbon so it can't pull too tight.  You can't tell but there is tiny lace trim at the bottom.

I have done some sewing for myself this summer as well but I haven't photographed any of it yet!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

So the Waldorf doll making is taking off.  It has been years in the making.  Sometimes things just happen like that - and idea crosses your path and it just keeps coming back to you until you act on it.  A few years ago I heard the term "Waldorf Doll"and I looked it up.  I instantly loved the look of them but when I read about making them, I thought it looked too hard (too much hand stitching!!!).  After that I started to notice images of them on various sewing and crafting sites and I couldn't shake the idea of trying to make them.  I stopped and started a bit until finally, by this past winter, I had 4 dolls made (why start with just 1?).  I LOVED the process (even the hand stitching).  I made more and still more.  I sold some locally, donated to charity auctions and I am currently prepping an Etsy store.  I don't have dreams of this getting big but if I can sell a handful every year, I will be happy.  There is something very rewarding about watching a doll come together.  And when a doll gets her hair- whoa!  It is so fun to see.

This one went to a Waldorf play space.  I am so excited she will be loved there.

Here are a one that will be on my Etsy site soon.  I have started using the stitched down hair method for some of my dolls.  I still love the crochet cap wig because you get the crazy full head of hair but the stitches down hair is much nicer than I expected.  See how her hair can stay flat?  And when you take the pony tails out, her hair still provides good coverage because it is stitched down in layers. I expect I will use both styles along the way, depending on the look I want.

I have also been knitting up a storm because doll sweaters are so satisfying to knit.  The are done in a couple of days and there is none of that drag I get when I am halfway through an adult sweater!  I can follow the kids around outside and get a few rows done here and there.  

In addition to the doll making, I have made a few things for the kids lately.  Here are two Geranium Dresses:

Some pajama pants for Sam: