Monday, 23 September 2013

Plaid Week

 I was very excited to learn that one of the themes for PRP this season is plaid.  This heavy flannel plaid caught my eye over the summer but I needed a good reason (and a good coupon) to buy some.  Luckily I got both!  I don't know the exact term for it but this is a plaid in which the plaid in woven into the fabric, not printed on top.  It makes a nice, heavier weight flannel.  The top is the Geranium Dress shortened to a top length.  I added a bow in the front.  The buttons in the back are cute little purple flowers.  I made the sleeveless version to be worn as a layering piece in the fall and winter (since the fabric is too heavy for summer)

The pants are the Parsley Pants pattern.  I made the flat front with pouch pockets.  The fabric is a bottom weight twill and I broke a needle trying to sew through the elastic, pockets, and the waistband.  I was using a needle for heavy weight fabric.  Any tips on that??  They came out great though  - roomy and comfortable.  
 They are a little dusty because Hannah decided to roll around on the floor before we took pictures.


  1. Adorable! this looks so nice and soft. Great job Momma!
    with love,

  2. I used the same exact fabric for mine! LOL
    I love the bow on yours. You have good taste:)

  3. Very nice, and I like that you made a whole outfit that coordinates so well together.


  4. Adorable!! I love the bow and how she posed for the pics!!

  5. SOOO cute! I love the purple pants :o) I went with some classic plaid pjs for this week :o0 hey, I've started a sewing for kids group pinterest board! I would love for you to join... just shoot me an e-mail with your pinterest info if you are interested :o) I'm on pinterest at ntcreations.e-mail:

  6. Cute! I am thinking I have to get that purple plaid fabric!

  7. This is so perfect for layering. Love that you made it into a jumper style top. It looks terrific. -liZ