Thursday, 11 July 2013

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

So the Waldorf doll making is taking off.  It has been years in the making.  Sometimes things just happen like that - and idea crosses your path and it just keeps coming back to you until you act on it.  A few years ago I heard the term "Waldorf Doll"and I looked it up.  I instantly loved the look of them but when I read about making them, I thought it looked too hard (too much hand stitching!!!).  After that I started to notice images of them on various sewing and crafting sites and I couldn't shake the idea of trying to make them.  I stopped and started a bit until finally, by this past winter, I had 4 dolls made (why start with just 1?).  I LOVED the process (even the hand stitching).  I made more and still more.  I sold some locally, donated to charity auctions and I am currently prepping an Etsy store.  I don't have dreams of this getting big but if I can sell a handful every year, I will be happy.  There is something very rewarding about watching a doll come together.  And when a doll gets her hair- whoa!  It is so fun to see.

This one went to a Waldorf play space.  I am so excited she will be loved there.

Here are a one that will be on my Etsy site soon.  I have started using the stitched down hair method for some of my dolls.  I still love the crochet cap wig because you get the crazy full head of hair but the stitches down hair is much nicer than I expected.  See how her hair can stay flat?  And when you take the pony tails out, her hair still provides good coverage because it is stitched down in layers. I expect I will use both styles along the way, depending on the look I want.

I have also been knitting up a storm because doll sweaters are so satisfying to knit.  The are done in a couple of days and there is none of that drag I get when I am halfway through an adult sweater!  I can follow the kids around outside and get a few rows done here and there.  

In addition to the doll making, I have made a few things for the kids lately.  Here are two Geranium Dresses:

Some pajama pants for Sam:

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