Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nice and Cozy

The last theme for Project Run and Play is "your signature style".  I don't think I have been sewing long enough to have a clear signature style but I have noticed a few traits of what I like to do.  My nearly 2 year old captured it best when she told my 4 year old who was running around half naked to get her pajamas on so she could be "nice and cozy".  Pajamas and nightgowns are some of my favorite things to make.  I love the image of my babies cuddled in bed wearing something I made for them.  Plus, so many store bought pjs are made of cheap polyester and covered with tacky characters (don't get me wrong, we have a few of those but I really hate them).  I enjoy making day clothes as well - the girls have dresses, skirts, and pants I have made- but pajams are a special favorite. 
I love interesting prints but I am not a fan of combining too may busy prints togther.  I often pair a nice print with a solid to balance or just work with one print.  These pajamas are a dark pink (although they look red on thecomputer) with a grey fox print as an accent.  I fell in love with the fox print when I was looking at sale flannel a few weeks ago.  I thought it would make great pjs on its own but there was nowhere near enough of it left to make even a single pair. Then I spied a solid dark pink that matched the dark pink fox EXACTLY. 
I started with a vintage Simplicity pattern but I made a few changes.  First, the pattern was a 4 which is fine for Maya but I had to size down to make a pair for Hannah.  The bodice is lined and I used flannel so to reduce bulk, I changed the puffed sleeve to  plain sleeve.  I had made the nightgown version of this pattern before and I knew the pajamas come out very roomy so reducing puff worked out well.  I added a patch pocket to use a little more of the fox print.  It fits a My Little Pony.  We checked.  Because the pocket was on the front, I didn't add the ribbon the pattern called for.  I thought ribbon would make it too busy. The girls love them.

Silly before bed:

Cuddles (every time they do something like this I take a picture because I like to look back at the pictures when they are fighting!):

The back has a slash edged with bias tape and then buttons on bodice.
Bias tape for the elastic casing:

Great for playing around in before bed:

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  1. I think nice and cozy is a great signature style...I think it's actually best sums up my own personal style.
    YOur pjs are adorable!