Sunday, 5 July 2015

Beatrix top

On the day it was released, I purchased the Beatrix pattern.  The teasers posted on Made By Rae had me hooked!

I opted to make view A with the 3/4 sleeves.  I tend NOT to like 3/4 sleeves, but the pictures of Beatrix tops with 3/4 sleeves Rae posted on her blog were the ones I like best so I decided to give them a chance.  I figured I could always change to short sleeves down the line if I was so inclined.

I used an Amy Butler voile that I had been saving for the project.  The fabric is buttery soft and very light.

I selected the C/D cup bodice with the size medium.  Here is my advice to anyone thinking of sewing this pattern - READ THE MEASUREMENTS SECTION.  My top ended up being too big and I had to adjust it to get the right fit.  I based my bodice choice on the cup size I usually buy, but if I had looked more carefully at the finished measurements of the garment, I would have made a better choice.  Next time I will either make the small with the C/D cup or the medium with the A/B.  I am leaning towards the latter because I can always play with the darts if needed.

The directions for this pattern are fantastic and the illustrations are very clear.  To me, it felt similar to working with an Oliver and S or Liesl and Co pattern.

For anyone who may be concerned about sewing a curved hem, it is really no big deal.  With a curve, you are working with the fabric on the bias so it is easier to manipulate.  Also, when  the curved hem is very narrow, as it is in this pattern, there are fewer issues of puckering.

I love my Beatrix!  It is so comfortable and it is a great pattern to highlight fabrics I love.  I think voile, double gauze, or linen would be best with this pattern because it is not super fitted.  A stiffer quilting cotton or heavier fabric would look awkward.

Here it is:

The bottom of the button placket is tucked under a little in the picture, but it is not usually like that! Below is another picture of the back, but the photo quality is TERRIBLE!  

One thing I need to point out is my pattern matching on this garment. The tips of my darts end at the EXACT same point in the pattern on both sides.  I also managed to match the pattern the button placket.  I am pretty proud of that!

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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE it!! Looks fantastic, and awesome job on that pattern matching! :)