Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Waldorf Dolls

I have been thinking about making a Waldorf doll for a while now.  I finally set a goal of making one for Hannah's 2nd birthday.  Then I realized that I really needed to make two because Maya will NEED one too.  Then I thought I should make one or two extra while I was at it (maybe I can sell them??) so I decided to make four.  Here are the first two:

The dolls have:
-knit cotton "skin"
-pure wool stuffing
-wool-stuffed and sculpted head
-hand embroidered face
-cheeks blushed with an all natural beeswax crayon
-crochet cap wigs to which each hair is hooked - each head of hair took a full skein of yarn but I love the result - much nicer than those that have hair just stitched on for a particular style but can't really be re-styled
-hand made doll clothes - grey jeans with pink trim, cotton blouse with velcro closures, charcoal grey wool felt shoes.

The process was a lot of fun.  I used a kit for the first two and then I went "off book" for the next two.  I went on to order supplies to make a few more.

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