Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tiny Tea Leaves x2

I bought the Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan pattern about a year and  half ago.  I decided to use the well-priced and durable Lion Wool-ease to make it since it was my first try with this pattern.  Plus, the kids grow so fast I thought a less expensive (and washable) yarn would be a good choice.  And the gauge worked out so I was excited.  Then life got in the way and my knitting pace really slowed down.  I did Hannah's first because it is a smaller size and I thought getting through the first one more quickly would motivate me.  I finished it this past summer and I cast on Maya's.  Then I really stalled.  Sewing was so much more rewarding because I could finish a project in an evening or two!  This fall I made myself do a little every week.  I finally finished!!  I love the finished products and the girls do too.  Maya's looks like it will last a while but I think Hannah will only be able to wear hers this winter.  Do I dare cast on another?  I have the adult pattern as well and some VERY nice yarn to go with it.  I think I might try that next.

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